The initiative

Launched by Pope emeritus Benedict XVI (2005/2006) from events of European – African Univ. Day for University Students (Rome, Vatican December 2005 – March 2006),

Blessed by Pope Francis (2013/2014). Foundation stone, Vatican, 29th May, 2016.

Agreement on ASCO of the Pontifical Council for Culture (CCP) with the Federal Ministry for Science and Technology of Nigeria April 25-9, 2016

  • Realization and running of science center main branch in Ofekata-Owerri, Nigeria and small satellite science centers in different parts of Africa, as para-scholastic organs to provide young people
    • and entire population with direct functional and participatory experience of science in their immediate everyday life to use resources to improve well-being.
    • Students and young people from various places fulfill these tasks together.
  • Be engine of informal science learning activities
    • challenge widespread myth of ST as foreign and create new values that support investment in ST achievements 
    • Adapt educational resources and use them with modern mass media and traditional ones for this.
  • Provide didactic laboratories to support ST learning in academic institutions
    • Use mobile units to reach rural areas; provide ongoing training and updating of ST teachers and students
  • Be platform for volunteer Intl. Univ. cooperation and field experience in Africa
    • exchange of know-how with partner institutions.